Building Sams House - Part Two

So it’s time to pour the concrete. Firstly we start pouring the concrete into the trenches and fill them up to the slab base level. To make sure that the concrete has filled the trenches correctly and there are no gaps a concrete vibrating rod is used. This vibrations moves the concrete so that all the air gaps are filled and the concrete is compacted.

Next it’s time to pour the slab. This is the time consuming part of the pour. I wanted to have a polished concrete finish in my alfresco area. So we poured the slab area for that section first. This concrete was of a greater strength than the rest of the slab and I wanted a black colour finish. It was important that they got the slab level because then it came time to grind and polish the cement I wanted the exposed aggregate to be all the same size.

Once they finished with the alfresco slab they continued with poring the rest of the house. It took most of the day to pour and then finish the slab but I was very happy with the final result. The next week nothing happens as we have to wait at least 7 days for the concrete to cure (minimum amount of time before you can start working on it). Concrete takes 28 days to cure to its maximum strength.





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