Building Sams House - Part Three (Wall Frames)

Now that the concrete has cured it’s time to start constructing the wall and roof frames. First the wall frames must go up. On my house the carpenters with the use of the plans marked out (using chalk line) the locations of the walls as a way to check that the plans match up with the space that there is to work with. If there is a discrepancy then the supervisor is called to sort out the problem.

Once the walls are marked and confirmed then work can commence on making the frames. There is no set way to start, there easiest way would be to make the bigger frames (longer in length) as you have more floor space to use.

Using both the architectural plans and the structural documentation the carpenter builds the frames including any bracing requirements as specified. In this instance the engineer specified two types of bracing;

Double diagonal metal tension brace (left hand side of first pic)

Plywood brace (far end of first pic)

Once the walls are up the window trim can be fixed around the openings (as shown in the first pic below).

The carpenter will then install the windows any one external door, sliding door, bi-fold door, etc. The walls are now ready for the roof.



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