Building Sams House - Part Ten (Tiling)

It’s time for the tiles to be laid. This is always exciting as it means the project is almost complete. The tiler started with the wet areas first (bathroom, laundry & ensuite). This took longer than I originally anticipated due to the hot weather and some of the walls not being 100% level.

The tiler spent a week of so getting the walls level before even laying a tile. He built the wall up using the tile glue then had to wait for it to dry and harden. I was frustrated at this stage because I was so close to finishing, yet it seemed to drag on.

The actual tiling part went smooth though and I’m very happy with the results. The tiler did an amazing job. Once the wet areas were completed, the tiler moved onto the main floor area (kitchen/dining/family/hallway) and then the front porch.

The tiles in the main area as shown below weren’t the original tiles I chose. They discontinued the tile before we could order them. I found these tiles and I feel like they suit the finished product better than the ones I chose first.







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