Building Sams House - Part Six (External Roof Cladding)

As with the wall you have a choice to make when selecting your roof cladding. This is mainly between some form of metal sheet cladding or tiled cladding. I chose to use a metal sheet cladding. The profile is called Custom orb, basically a corrugated sheet profile. It was a colorbond finish.

The roof plumbing will first start to install the gutters along the fascia. They are installed with a slight fall to drain into the downpipes which drain into the underground stormwater piping.

Once the gutters are on the roof sheets are next. The sheets are measured to the correct length, cut to suit and installed with roofing screws. Depending on what was specified the roof plumber may need to install reflective sisolation before installing the sheets. The sisolation helps with insulating the house.

The next step is to seal the roof. This can be done with flashing and caulking. Flashing and or capping is used to cover the gaps at the peak of roof, along any boundary walls or over any box gutter used. Caulking is used to seal any holes cut in the roof for ventilation pipes and to join the lengths of gutters together.

Unfortunately I was away during this stage and on photos were taken during the process. So below are some photos that were taking at a later date. 



Next up is Services installation…

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