Building Sams House - Part Seven (Services Installation)

Now that the main structure is up and the roof cladding is on the inside of the house is covered from the weather. This is the time we can start installing the services;

  • First fix plumbing (hot/cold water pipes, gas pipes, etc.).
  • First fix electrical (wiring for lights, power, alarm, data, etc.).
  • Air conditioning (duct work, wiring, etc.).

The trades will install as per the plans provided to them. This took around 2 weeks to complete the three items listed above. I was on site during the start of the electrical wiring because I wanted some point installed in certain places. I thought this would be the easiest way to show the electrician what I wanted.

The plumber and I also consulted on site to discuss locations of tap ware. I have in wall mixers for all my sanitary ware including a concealed toilet system. The plumber wanted to make sure these were put into the correct places. Thus there was a little down time trying to get things in the right places. 





Next up is Internal Wall Cladding…

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