Building Sams House - Part Nine (Second Fix carpentry)

The next step was for the second fix carpenter to come and install the doors and skirtings. Firstly he installed the door frames for each door and got them levelled. He then hanged the front door, laundry door and garage entry door including working locks. So now the house is at a stage where it can be locked up. This means we can now have items delivered on site like the tiles and keep them secured and locked, ready to go.

The architraves, skirtings and remaining internal doors are then installed. At this stage I decided to get my painter to come and put an undercoat on all the walls, ceiling, wood work and external painting. This is not normally done as painting is one of the final trades to finish. However I had some waiting time until the next trade could start so I figured I would get a jump on the painting





Next up is Tiling…

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