Building Sams House - Part Four (Roof Frames)

Now that the construction of the wall frames are up. The carpenter can now start building the roof frame. There are two types of roof construction, truss and conventional. A truss roof is a series of timbers connected using nails plates that form the roof shape. They are built in factory and are the carted to site for installation. Cause they are already made into the roof form this makes the carpenter’s job of installing them much quicker.


This picture shows a simple truss roof shape.

Conventional roof construction is done all at the building site. Just as with the wall frames the timber is delivered in packs and the carpenters build the roof one piece at a time. On this job the roof was designed and built for conventional roof construction.

Firstly the ceiling frame is installed along with any supporting members like hanging beams, strutting beams and counter beams. Then the will start to pitch the first set of rafters to form the roof. Once all the rafters are the carpenter then installed the underpurlins (used to reduce the span of the rafters) and the roof struts (used to support the underpurlings).


The next part of the installation is to prepare the roof for the cladding. So roof purlins were installed to the outer face of the rafters. The roof cladding will be fixed to these members.




Next up is External Wall Cladding…

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