Building Sams House - Part Five (External Wall Cladding)

We are at the stage where the next part is to install the external cladding to the building. This means the external wall cladding and roof cladding. Both of these could be next or can be installed concurrently with each other.

The external wall cladding chosen for this job was concrete brickwork with a smooth render finish (eventually to be painted). Other materials that can be used are;

  • Clay bricks (many colours to choose from)
  • Colorbond sheeting
  • Weatherboard panelling

The bricklayer starts with laying down some damp proof membrane to stop moisture from getting into the bricks. This is placed on top of the concrete and up the timber wall frame. Then the first lines of bricks are installed making sure the wall is level as they continue to build it.

The next part was for the bricklayer was to build the porch pillars and bay window area. I chose a face brick finish for these areas with a light mortar mix. This is my feature for the front of the house. Just like above the bricklayer goes through the same procedure to build the wall. 





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