Building Sams House - Part Eight (Internal Cladding)

Now that the first fix of the services are installed the internal cladding or lining for the walls and ceiling can be installed.


First up they installed the insulation batts in the walls and ceiling. The batt insulation comes in bags and is easy to install.


After installing the insulation the next step is to start lining the walls and ceiling with the specified plasterboard cladding. The lining is fixed to the frames with an adhesive and then screwed. At this stage the gyprocker will cut our all the holes for the lights and power points and pull the wires through.

After all the sheets are installed, the next job is to flush the sheets. Each joint is first taped to seal the joint and then coated. Once all the flushing has dried they will sand the flashing down so it is smooth and ready for the next stage.






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